DHI Hair Transplant In Turkey

DHI (Direct Hair Implant) Hair Transplantation is a new alternative for those who want to have hair transplantation. With the DHI technique, it is possible to perform hair transplantation without cutting the hair.

With DHI Hair Transplant, the hair follicles will be placed on the head with a needle pen, which is specially developed for hair transplantation. Since there is no need to open channels in the head during sowing, it is different from FUE technique and it is possible to perform hair transplantation without shaving. Therefore, the process of adaptation to normal life is much faster.

The taken hair grafts are planted in the head according to the natural direction of the person’s hair with an angle of 40-45 degree.
If the hair is planted without cutting, a high level of sensitivity is required to prevent damage to the hair follicles.

As it is a developing technique, intensive experience studies of the experts continue.

The hair transplantation of an expert who has gained experience in DHI technique differs significantly from other hair transplantation methods in terms of both naturalness and productivity.

Main Advantages of DHI Hair Transplantation
– Hair transplantation can be done without shaving.
– It provides healthier results because it minimizes the duration of hair follicles outside the tissue.
– Survival rate is higher due to direct suture of hair follicles.
– Since the canal is not opened, the incision area is very small and therefore there is no bleeding.
– Post-operative recovery time is very fast; after a short time the daily routine can be continued.

Like other techniques in the DHI technique, hair follicles are removed from the nape will always come out. The transplanted hair will fall of within 2 months. After 2 months they naturally come out of the roots. It takes 5-12 months to reach the exact result.

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