DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

DHI Hair Transplant Turkey is most populer for hair transplant.

Possible! DHI Hair Transplant technique without shaving…

DHI Hair Transplant is last hair transplantation method. This method is have high performe result. The hair transplants performed with the DHI method achieve the most natural and successful results.

In the DHI method, however, the process is different. Here, the removed graft is implanted directly in the recipient area. Therefore, the nutrient supply is much lower which leads to a significantly increased growth rate. In addition, the step of channel opening is directly integrated in the transplantation.

With the DHI method you can determine the hair growth direction. In addition to the controlled hair growth direction, thanks to the DHI method, it is possible to make minimalist channels using special and very fine needles to transplant the grafts in a maximum density and thus achieve a great result.
In addition, the fine needles that are used in the DHI method reduce the risk of scarring and ensure faster wound healing – making it much easier to become sociable than ever before after a hair transplant.The head returns to normal within about 10 days.

DHI Hair Transplant Benefits
» Hair Transplant Without shaving
» Higher growth rate
» Denser overall picture
» Faster wound healing
» Direct implantation
» Less scarring
» Control of growth
» No channel openings
» Directly presentable

It is the most recent and succes result hair transplantation procedure. Thanks to the DHI method, control the hair growth direction, have a very fast healing wound and our result comes close to the natural hair. Providing the DHI method requires a highly skilled and successful team, as this procedure requires the highest level of precision. And highly tecnology clinic requires. Turkey is have clinic and expert hair transplant teams.

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