DHI Hair Transplant Without Shaving For Women

Hair gives an important image and self-confidence for both women and men . Hair problems can be determined as full bald part for men , and some bald areas for women .

This hair loss problems can be due to many factors as genetic problems, stres, health .. The hair loss can starts from the age of 25 and continue to be more bigger until the age of 40 and stop to fall.

Nowadays, with the developed technology and due to the hair transplant, hair loss can not be any more a problem, and everyone can meet his dream hair.

Concering genetic problem cases, the needed hair is taken from the back nape of the head ( donor area) and transplanted into the required area.

This operation, which requires expertise and clinical standards facilities takes approximately 8 hours.

For men, we recommend hair transplantation after shaving all the head.
However, shaving can be uncomfortable for some women, we propose the DHI method, which can be done without shaving the hair .

What Is DHI Technique, How It Is Done ?
Direct Hair Implant is the abbreviation of DHI, which is made by a special pens developed for the hair transplant procedure.

Firstly, the area to be sown and the donor area are analyzed, the number of grafts to be transplanted is determined. Then the back nape of the head is shaved and the grafts are taken with the method of FUE technique ( micro motor), after receiving the grafts, they are placed in the bald area with DHI pens .

The next day after the operation, the first wash and clean is performed .

What Are The Advantages Of DHI Technique For Hair Transplant?
• The most important advantage is that it allows hair transplantation without shaving for women.

• No scars or marks left on the scalp . After 2 weeks, the head is completely healed and returns to normal

• Recovery time is very fast and quick.

The Disadvantages Of DHI Technique For Hair Transplant
• This technique can not be suitable for a high number of grafts . If the number of grafts needed is more than 3500, it is very difficult to finish the operation in 1 day. In the classical FUE method, 3 experts can transplant in the same time , but only 1 person can plant in DHI method. Therefore, 3500 grafts are suitable for a maximum number per operation.

• Since it is a newly developed method during the 2 last years, the number of experts with sufficient experience is low. You need to investigate the specialist you are going to have this procedure done.

• Also , it is a high cost operation, it is reflected in the price for you, it is a little more expensive than the classical FUE technique.

Last Notes
For women we would recommend up to 2500-3000 grafts. If the dilution is too high and a high number of grafts is required, then we recommend shaving and using the FUE technique with Sapphire blades for hair transplant, this last does not leave scars on the scalp like the DHI technique exactly.

In the next day after the operation, the first wash is done and showed and after 2 weeks, your head will return to normal. For the most successful results in high number of grafts, the head needs to be shaved; this is inevitable.

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