Eyebrow Transplantation With the FUE Method

It is often said that we Express ourselves with our eyes, but our eyebrows can also Express our feelings and expressions, and our eyebrows help to frame and testify when are excited, confused, sympathetic or bored. We can all think about men and women who look great whitout their hair, but not everyone can look like this. It is the eyebrows that often affect people’s well-being in hair loss.

Generally men and women with strong eyebrows are considered to have better eyebrows than those with weak one . The reason is these people with the strong eyebrows help them decorate their face even though their hair line is missing.

So the hair transplant and eyebrow transplant, is it the right choice?
Yes , in this point, eyebrow transplant is involved.

Eyebrow Transplantation With the FUE Method
During the procedure, the experts use the hair grafts from the back nape area( donor area), the hair in that area is very thin and grows more slowly than the hair in the rest of the other part of the head.

Therefore, it is the ideal hair for the cultivation of the eyebrows. The method used in the eyebrows transplantation is the follicular unit extraction ( FUE), which means removing each follicular unit from
the donor site to planting. Each single hair follicle is meticulously placed on the eyebrow area and the hair follicles grow in the same direction as the eyebrows.

Approximately 8 months after the operation, a natural eyebrows are obtained. Eyebrows transplantation is a method which can be used both for men and women .

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