General Information On Hair Transplant Operations

General Information On Hair Transplant Operations

Hair loss can have many causes,ranging from geneticts to stress, poor nutrition,and diseases or even medication.

With the latest technological advances, you now can have thick and dense hair in six months.

Hair transplantation is an esthetic operation and it must be taken seriously

First and foremost see a hair cosultant and check if your hair fall is complete and whether it is the correct time to go ahead with the operation or not.

The success of the operation mostly depends on the proficieny of the surgeon and the hardware in the clinic, as well as post operation care.
Transplanting less than enaugh roots can yield to unsatisfactory results eventhough the grafts are healty and strong. Therefore we recommend that you chose the correct surgeon and the clinic for a succesful result.

The post operation instructions on care and maintenance are as important as the operation itself, so please comply with your surgeons’ suggestions fully.

Before the operation your existing hair must be cut shortly. Some people do not like to do this but this is such an unimportant sacrifice compared to long term gains. Right after the first two weeks nobody can even tell you had an operation, since there are no visible scars or bandages. And within six months even you will not be able to recognize yourself with your new hair. Trusting your surgeon is vital.

Eventhough the main reason for hair loss is heredotory, nowadays stress and diet also play a vital role on a persons’general health as well as hair loss. Never underestimate the importance of healty ,balanced diet and a stressfree social life style.

Hair can boost a persons’ self image and self esteem in an incredible way.If you believe that you will feel beter socially and personally, do not hesitate to have a transplant.

You are worth it

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