Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

For people who want to have a hair transplantation, the costs are an important elemant. This process is considered to be both aesthetic and surgical operation, so it is a bit costly. While hair transplantation prices are determined, many factors are effective in this. People who want to do this can not determine the cost of the hair transplantation for themselves. First of all, every detail of your hair should be examined from the area to be transplanted to the area where the follicles will be taken .

What are the factors that will affect the hair transplantation prices?

  • The hair quality is one of the factors that will determine the price that will be for the procedure.
  • The frequency of the transplantation should be determined, so the transplanted hair can appear natural and in same direction.
  • The person who want to have the transplantation should determine how much hair he/she need.
  • The number of hair follicles to be transplanted should be determined.
  • The method that will be applied should be determined .
  • The person should make the real choice , in which clinic or hospital the hair transplant will be done.
  • The expertise who will perform the procedure is an important factor for a successful operation.
  • In the period when the hair transplantation, the tests that will be performed on the person can define the price of the transplantation operation.

The price of the hair transplantation have different characteristics every year. The fact that there are new surgical interventions in this area , is an important factor that causes changes in the prices. In the subject, which is considered as an important element in determining the average prices of the hair transplantation, it is the evaluation of the amount of labor to be given during the hair transplantation and the right time to spend on it. It should also be noted that the prices of the procedure will vary according to the center where this will be applied and the characteristics of the doctor who will perform the procedure.

How can be the difference between the techniques of the hair transplantation concerning the prices?

In the hair transplantation procedure, there are two different methods . These method are FUT and FUE techniques. FUT method was used extensively before the FUE technique. However, the FUT technique was gradually abandoned after the use of the FUE technique. This is due to the fact that the person who makes the hair transplantation and the doctor performing the procedure , and the results do not reflect the natural results. Therefore, FUE method is used more nowadays. The number of grafts to be transplanted is the procedure will affect the prices.

Prices will increase in the amount of the hair follicles that will be transplanted to the bald area. Since the amount of grafts will vary from person to person, the price of the hair transplantation will vary also. In some cases, 1500 hair follicles are sufficient for a full cover of the hair transplantation, while some other cases 5000-7500 grafts are necessary for a full cover. Normally, 1 graft corresponds to 2.5 hair stands. Accordingly, it can be taken into consideration how the prices of the hair transplantation will change .

What effect the doctor and his team will have on the hair transplantation price?
Hair transplantation operation is considered as a team work. The doctor’s expertise is considered as an important factor affecting on prices. From the planning to of the hair transplant to the transplanting in a natural structure , there will be a price increase proportional to the success of the doctor who makes the effective decisions. In addition, during the operation, the channels opened and the hair follicles to be placed one by one during the impact of the staff should not be forgotten. Any failure in this process automatically the results will not be successful. Therefore, the price of the hair transplant with and experienced team will vary .

Can Standard prices be determined for hair transplantation?
The most important criterion determining the price in the hair transplantation is the calculation of how much grafts the bald area will need.

In the hair transplant process, there are few institutions that calculate the amount of grafts to be planted, so many institutions say that you need the maximum amount of grafts . In order to avoid such problems, the price per grafts should be calculated.

A hair transplantation process with a team of 3-4 people can be completed in 6-8 hours . Some institutions in the morning until evening .

Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

With the arrival of 2019, the prices of many services have changed and the prices of the operations have also changed. As mentioned above, to get the best results, you must show the selection of the center and choose the best well experienced surgeon.

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