Ice Sapphire Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is improving day by day, yielding more efficient and successful results.

Experts experiencing the developed devices and methods, result in the best operation for lush and strong hair.

As Este Prime Clinic, we care about integration into R & D and development. We are exploring the technologies developed for Hair Transplantation and we train our team.

Nowadays, the most effective results for FUE Hair Transplantation and additional methods for hair transplantation, hair transplantation success rate increases.

Ice Cell Sapphire Hair Transplant is the latest method developed. There are many important factors in hair transplantation for many operations.

Transferring hair follicles from the donor region without dying is one of the most important factors. The Ice Cell Method allows the hair follicles taken during the operation to be placed in the sowing area without losing their function and without dying.

When this important development is applied together with the newly developed Sapphire Knife, the operation gives the best result. The sapphire knife produced from the sapphire mine opens up the best channel for the hair follicles to settle.

At the same time, the recovery time is faster and the hair follicle is successful because it is not adversely affected by external factors.

The common point of both methods is efficiency. Correct storage of the hair follicles while being kept outside and the success of the channels in which they are placed will directly affect the outcome of the operation and the efficiency of the hair.

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