The Operation Processes In The Hair Transplantation

All processes in the procedure of the hair transplant are divided into 3 steps .

The first and most important process in the hair transplant is  “making a decision”,  because hair transplantation is an important change of the image of the person, it can be difficult to decide . In this regard, we can say clearly : Make A Hair Transplant .

Hair is important for both men and women to give a nice appearance and the person can re-gain his/her self-confidence. Due to the nutrition , stres or life problems, everyone can loose his/her hair at any age , and this can make people unhappy and run away from social life. These important problems can make and help people to make a transplant and to be happy again. The hair transplant is a surgery , but the period of healing is easy and quick.

• The second process is the operation time , the surgery lasts for approximatly 8 hours . Before the operation , a consultation is done by analysing the type of the hair, the number of grafts needed, the determination of the forehead line and the density of the distribution of the grafts is made. After that the head is shaved and a local anesthesia is performed in the operation room. Pain-free anesthesia is performed by a special developed medical technology device.

Then the grafts are taken from the nape back of the head ( donor area) by a special micro-motor . The grafts are taken according to the number that each person needs to cover his bald part , and are taken in a certain order to not damage the nape area. Then the grafts are cleaned and kept in a cold environment .

In the third stage , the channels ( holes) are opened in the bald area , according to the number of grafts taken , the depth and length of the channels are the most important factors for a successful outcome of the follicles. To make the hair look natural and regular , these channels must be opened with an expert with a special angle of 40-45 degrees.

After this third stage, the grafts are taken and placed in the opened channels . At the same time , 3-4 people are doing this process, because the grafts must be putted as soon as possible to not be damaged by the external interference.

Analysis, receiving grafts , opening channels and cultivation ; these 4 processes are very important for a successful hair transplant procedure .

During the operation, you can eat food, you can go toilet , you can also talk to the team because you are awake , and when you get tired you can ask also for a short break.

In short, we are trying to explain the process of the hair transplant . In all these processes, do not hesitate the team if something happens to you .

Before the surgery, you will be asked if you have any diseases, and some blood tests will be done , it is important to inform the doctor, it is all for your best.

So which hair transplant technique should we prefer?
Nowadays, the most used technique is the FUE . The FUE Sapphire blades and DHI Hair Transplant methods are the most advanced methods. We recomment the classic FUE for hair transplant for the current conditions , but your expert’s opinion and decisions are important. You can also choose DHI for hair transplantation without shaving .

Hair Transplant in Turkey
With the advanced cases of the hair transplant and experienced team in TURKEY , you can achieve the result of a successful hair transplantation. There are so many people from all over the world : America, Europe, Canada coming and searching for best results of the hair transplant in Turkey . Please before starting a hair transplant , research well for the best clinic with good referances.


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