The Sapphire Blades And Its Advantages For Hair Transplant

Hair is an important source of self-confidence for men and women. Vital causes or genetically spilled hair have a negative effect on individuals.

The method of hair transplantation is the solution to these problems. This process, which began in the 1990s, was first known as the FUT technique and was later developed as the FUE technique to make hair transplantation operation easier and more successful. Thus, hair transplantation became widespread and popular and continues to be intense today.

FUE (Follicular Unit Reduction) technique; It is the transfer of follicles to the bald areas required by using a microtoi motor from the nape of the head (donor area).
FUE hair transplantation is the most preferred technique. With the materials used and the experienced staff, after the first period and the successful results, it can bring people to the desired image.

Sapphire blades produced by Sapphire and developed with FUE technique give very efficient results in hair transplantation operation.

A microchannel opens where the follicles are implanted before the hair follicles taken with the FUE technique and placed in the bald area. Sapphire blade is very important at this stage, it protects the hair follicles when opened with this device, the wounds and scar is much less on the scalp.

The recovery time of the classical FUE technique after surgery is 15 days, but with FUE Sapphire blades the recovery period is one week and the person can return to normal life.

Advantages Of Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant
– Planted hair follicles are more efficient.
– Opened channels recovered faster after operation
–  Wounds and Signs are much less and recovery time is shorter
– Hair direction is more original

If you want to sew the hair, taking the hair analysis expert from your expert, you can determine the method of sapphire hair transplant that is most suitable for you.

Other Hair Transplant Methods
– FUE Hair Transplant
– DHI Hair Transplant

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