Top 10 Questions About Hair Transplant

10 Frequently Asked Questions On Hair Transplantation

1 – How soon will my hair start growing?
The grafts are in adoptation stage during the first 3 months, by the end of 6 months your new hair will be completely visible. It takes around 10 months for your planted hair to be fully grown. During this time you will feel no pain or discomfort.

2 – Will ı ever loose my planted hair?
In the first month after the operation you may loose, both the planted and the existing hair.
This is completely normal because during the operation your skin and the existing hair roots are damaged and this irritation will cause hair loss. However soon both yopur existing hair and the planted hair will start growing stronger than before. So, yes you will have some hair loss but this is normal and it will grow back thicker and healthier.

3 – Is there any pain during a hair transplantation operation?
You will not feel any pain during the operation. Local anesthetic are used before the operation to prevent any pain. There might be a slight pain after the operation but this easily manageble with pain killers.

4 – What if the planted grafts will not grow or will ı loose them in them in the future?
The garfts are collected from the genetically no hair loss area,-between the two ears- this is the reason why the FUE system is so successful. These hair will stay healthy and strong due to their genetic properties.

5 – When can ı have hair cut with a machine or shave my head?
The first 6 months are vital for the healing of the skin therefore you should avoid razors or hair-cutting machines. After 6 months you can have a haircut with machine but ask your barber to do it gently. You can start having such hair-cuts after the tenth month.

6 – How often do ı need to have PRP and how long?
For the PRP treatment to fully strengten your hair, you will need between 4 and 6 sessions within 8 months and each session lasts around 20 minutes.

7 – Can ı have the operation without shaving my hair?
This is only possible when the number of grafts are as few as 1500 to 2000. In order to have better results over 2000 grafts you should have your hair shortly cut.

8 – How long does the operation last?
It depends on the number of the grafts . On average it lasts 6 hours, however sometimes it can last as long as 8 hours if the bald area is bigger.

9 – Will the hair collected from the back of my head grow again?
Those haisr will not grow back again but it will not be noticable since they are collected professionally to give you a natural look.

10 – Is there any other way other than FUE to regain the lost hair?
There is no other way to recover the lost hair except FUE. We can suggest the PRP to repair the weak hair but FUE is definitely the best system out there.

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