Beard Transplant

Beard TransplantBeard is a symbol of social status as well as an essential part of masculine image.however some men may have very little or no beard at all. Injuries, burns may also lead to problems with beard and ,it can cause a huge impact on the self esteem in a person.

With the latest advances in medicine, today beard transplantation is possible.

FUE technique can be applied to beard transplantations. Genetically resistant hair grafts from neck area are transferred to the face. Once transplanted, the hairs are permanent and typically grow just like facial hair with similar texture and other characteristics.

Furthermore, the transplanted hair can be shaved just as you would other facial hair.

These hairs are the same color and since the grafts come from patient himself. It will have a natural look.

Local anesthetics are used during the operation and it is absolutely painless. The post operation instructions are easy to follow and you may have a natural beard within six months.

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