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Fue Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant is most popular hair transplantation method. FUE is a follicular unit extraction shorten.

Hair roots taken from one place are transferred to another. This is the fue method with simple expression.

Transferred this hair roots are permanent and cannot be spilled again due to their genetic properties.

It was possible to restart the growth of pouring hair despite genetic, geographical or social reasons.Modern medicine has successfully improved its techniques in hair transplantation surgery. You can get a great new look with your hair transplant!..

It’s a natural method. Your healthy hair is transferred to the area you need.

Hair transplant needs serious a medical process therefore patients need safe and professinal clinical help.

Hair transplantaion lasts about four hours, the first results appearwithin two months and the complete recovery happens within one year after the transplantation.

About 1 year and yours have new healty hair, for perfection this possible.


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